Planting Tomatoes Early for a Longer Harvest

You can plant your tomatoes early to east tomatoes in June and get a longer harvest season with these easy steps:

1. Start your tomatoes indoors in flats the end of January or early February.

2.Transplant your tomatoes into larger containers at the end of February.

3. Plant them outside, in walls’o’water in mid to late March.

You can get walls’o’water from several of our recommended sources from our website.

We planted our first 10 tomato plants out last weekend.  Remember when you transplant to put about 1/3 of  the stem, or at least up to the bottom set of leaves into the ground so the plant will grow a larger and stronger root structure, better able to support a large plant loaded with fruit.

Put the wall’o’water gently over the plant and fill with water.  During the sunny days, the water heats up and gives the plant it’s own greenhouse to protect it from cool spring nights.

Tomato plant started indoors and ready to plant
Hole for the tomato
Tomato Planted
Wall o Water

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