The Most Critical Factor in Successful Composting – Foundations of Organic Gardening Info Series

The most important factor – always “Have two”. No matter what type of compost containment you choose,  have two of them for one simple reason: If you are always adding stuff to your compost, you don’t get to harvest your compost.

You might notice that some manufactures of those pre-made bins, even the ones you can rotate, now have models with two bins. People are getting hip to needing two bins.

If you have one already, you can get one like you already have (if you like it) so they’ll look cool together. If you don’t like the one you have, here is an awesome opportunity to try a different one.

Not sure what type of compost bin is best for you ? Check out our older blog post to help you choose.

Not sure how to compost or why your compost is not producing well for ?  You’ll get loads of Q & A time for all your questions in our Foundations of Organic Gardening Course.

Happy Composting !

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