Supporting a Home Orchard – Foundations of Organic Gardening Info Series

Home grown peaches
Home grown peaches

So far many of the “Foundations” posts have focused on annual vegetable and fruit gardening. What about the home orchard ? Not only do we include maintenance in the individualized month-by-month checklist that each student in the Foundations Course creates, but we cover several topics to help you decide what fruit might be right for your home orchard.  We also do a pruning demo.

Consider these five things:

  1. What grows well here
  2. How much space will the tree need when it is  full grow in relation to how much space you have, would you rather have a few larger trees, or more smaller ones.
  3. Is it a high maintenance crop like peaches, or a low maintenance crop like figs.
  4. How can you plan your garden to provide your orchard with the best sunlight and water.
  5. What companion plants can you provide to feed and protect your fruit trees.

Hope you join us for Foundations this winter, it is going to be loads of fun !

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