Why Grow Your Health?

Grow Your Health logo 2014For three years now I have been honored to be a part of the team who put on the Grow Your Health, Gardening, Local Food and Wellness Festival.

There are several reasons for our participation in this local annual event:

First off, we are passionate about spreading the word of growing your own food. Gardening is a great way to get outside, off our computers for a few, and get back to our roots –  sometimes literally –  in the case of carrots and radishes. Grow Your Health is a great venue to talk gardens and empower people to garden.spring greens in deck house close up

The festival is also about local food. This local festival gets community members together with local farms and healthy food providers in a fun environment.   Connecting folks with our local farmers and practitioners enriches our local economy. It also allows each to expand their community support system. Families supporting family farms was part of how this country was built and these relationship nurture the heart of everyone involved.

The third focus of the festival is wellness, not only of our bodies through various support systems, but also the wellness of the planet that supports us all. The movie we are showing this year, GMO OMG talks primarily about the potential effects of genetically modified organisms in our food, but the business of growing these has major impacts on the wellness of planet earth.

Helping the neGrow-Your-Health-2014-kids-gardening-class-3xt generations learn about healthy practices for themselves and their planet, how to connect with the planet through gardening and knowing where their food comes from is part of the family value this festival can provide. Each year we strive to make the event better for families to attend, more fun for children and provide everyone who attends an enriching community event.

Come out and join us, Saturday, March 28, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Stop by the Prior Unity Garden Booth and sign up for the raffle to win some prizes.

As part of the class lineup, Russell will be part of a Gardening Q&A at 11:00 am and Debby will be teaching Small Space Gardening at 1:30 pm.

We’ll also have spring plants and other cool stuff.


GET TICKETS – Adults $10 in advance, $15 at the door – Children under 16 FREE

deb and russ at the booth – Debby Ward,Founder & Owner of Prior Unity Garden & Management Team Member, Grow Your Health – Gardening, Local Food & Wellness Festival


Don’t like to take time weeding ? Mulch !

Tomatoes mulched with cardboard and straw to keep weeds back.
Tomatoes mulched with cardboard and straw to keep weeds back.

Although some of us actually like to weed, many people don’t have that view.

To cut down on weeding, place cardboard or 6 sheets of newspaper around your plants and cover with 4″ of straw.  In a small home garden, one bale is likely enough for your entire vegetable garden or blueberry patch, maybe for both.  Local straw from Home Depot is about $5.00 a bale.  The $5.00, plus the tax in addition to the gas money and time to take the trip, are pretty cheep compared to the time you could spend weeding.

In addition to cutting down on your weeding, this also helps build healthy living soil.  It breaks down to create richer, blacker soil, so don’t remove it at season’s end.

Want more straw cheaper ? Check Craigs List for farmers selling it within 100 miles of you.  Then plan a family day trip to a site close to where the farm is where you’ll pick up your straw bales. The fun will offset the gas cost and you’ll support a small local farm.