5 Tips for Getting Your Spring Garden Started

Spring is almost here – have you started planning your garden?

  1. Think about what you like to eat – For people who don’t know where to start, we often say, grow what you like to eat! See if you have the growing conditions required for your favorite fruits and veggies…this is a great place to start.
  2. Look to the past – What did you grow last year? Was it successful, too much work, or just right? This will help you decide what to plant this year. You can even use seeds from last year to save money.
  3. Crop Rotation – Most crops do not like to grow in the same location from one year to the next.  Research what crops should follow your last year’s crops to plan the rotation.  Plus, many pests that liked your broccoli last year, may have eggs close to where you planted, so cleaning out and shifting varieties helps with pest control as well.
  4. Companion Planting – Find out what varieties grow well with one another. For example, we know bean, corn, squash, melons and sunflowers like to grow together.  Did you know that lettuce, carrots and peas are good companions for cool spring beds?
  5. Permaculture – Following permaculture design principles is the most advanced way to plan your garden. Take into consideration what permanent or perennial crops you can grow.  Plant crops that need more attention closer to the house and those perennials needing less care farther away. This utilizes your property well – creating plant guilds around your perennials ,allowing other plants to do more work so you don’t have to.

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