Nasturtiums & Cucurbitaceae

Trailing Nasturiums

Nasturtiums are easy to grow from seed and a great addition to any garden because they have multiple functions of food, flower & pest control.

Food: Both flowers and leaves are edible, great to pick as you move through your garden and to add to salads or anywhere you’d like a beautiful to look at spicy taste addition.

Flowers: They have cool orchid looking flowers in cream, yellows, oranges, reds, mahogany and salmon.   Some are trailing and some are upright, so use whichever suits your site, purpose and aesthetic.

Pest Control:  They repel white flies, so plant them anywhere our hot humid summers may bring white flies to your garden.   Nasturtiums also repel squash bugs, so plant them with members of the cucubritaceae family – what’s that ? .. plant with your cucumbers, melons & squash.

They can ramble among your wandering squash and melons, up a pole with your cucumbers, or put in a pot and moved around the garden where ever you need them.   You can also use them as a trap crop for ants.


One thought on “Nasturtiums & Cucurbitaceae

  1. Gordon's Gardens February 26, 2012 / 1:31 pm

    I had no idea that nasturtiums could repell white flies and squash bugs. Yet another reason to grow them! Thanks for the valuable information.

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