Build Soil & an In-Ground Self-Watering Bed – Hugelkulture (Hoogle Culture) Bed

Hugelkulture is pronounced, “Hoogle Culture”  in English.  This type of  bed is a great way to build a bed of excellent soil over a a few years.  In the meantime it can sort of act as a self watering in ground bed.

Here are four videos showing how we built one in our front yard.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4, Wrap up:

Steps to building the bed:

  1. Dig out a bed, or define the area you want to use.
  2. Layer in logs that will rot over time and retain water in meantime.  Remember do not use wood that resists rotting.
  3. Add compost, leaves, shredded office paper, coffee grounds, sticks, twigs, grass clippings (not from lawns that use chemical lawn companies).
  4. You can also add lime and rock dust.
  5. Add some dirt on top for planting while the bed slowly rots

Why do this ?

  • To build quality soil
  • To use things from our landscape when a tree has fallen, or we have done tree maintenance.
  • To create a raised bed situation that functions as a self-watering bed because the logs are holding water while they rot.

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