Hoogle Bed Update – Beauty is food too !

After building the bed (see last post) Russell built a bamboo border with extra bamboo we had around, lined with various materials unused by someone else.

(Bamboo is often easy to come by – if you see a stand in someone’s yard, knock on the door and ask if you can take some – they are usually grateful !)

We shifted the dirt to fill the box and then Russell put old decking someone was throwing away around the top edge to finish it off.  The result is our long term soil building self watering in ground bed with a finished beautiful look.

We planted potatoes and flower bulbs and marigolds as an experiment.  The potato foliage has died back, looking like it we would expect in the fall.  Potatoes in other areas of the garden still have green foliage.

Beauty is food too and this bed feeds us with a finished bed we enjoy each time we walk out front or come home – plus – great flowers we enjoy outside and cut for inside too !

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