Seed Catalog Review: Bountiful Gardens

Bountiful Gardens was much used by Russell when he gardened in California and we have found their seed grows great in Virginia. Some readers may have heard of Ecology Action, John Jeavons or his Grow Biointensive® method of gardening.  Bountiful Gardens is John’s seed company associated with Ecology Action. As they say on their homepage, all their seeds or open-pollinated, non-GMO & Seed Saver friendly. These guys are out to feed the world, in a sustainable organic way.  They have taken the Safe Seed Pledge.

Light Green Lebanese Summer Squash from Bountiful GardensI admit to being in love with their Light Green Lebanese summer squash and their Orange Jelly Turnips.   Their seed packets are perfect for home gardeners because they are small in size, with a price to match.  We also enjoy the diversity of varieties they offer, including plants we have not seen elsewhere,  often from the diverse countries in which they help farmers.

We are not much for seed mixes, but Bountiful Gardens has a Good Companions Collection which is great for anyone wanting to begin companion planting, including flowers and herbs.  The collection has each variety in separate seed packets, a must for a good seed collection.

Catalog Pros:

  • They have the widest selection of books and publications of any of our seed catalogs, so if you are looking to expand your library, Bountiful Garden’s catalog is a good place to see what is out there.
  • Printed on recycled newsprint
  • Their variety descriptions are useful and seem written by people who know the variety
  • Good compost crop information
  • Extensive grain, fiber and oil crops
  • Nice selection of medicinal as well as culinary herbs
  • Interesting selection of unusual varieties from other countries

Catalog Cons:

  • Not many photos
  • No latin names

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