Seed Catalog Review: John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

It may seem hard to follow Territorial with my glowing review, but John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds can take it.  I found this company in the last five years and am SO glad.  They, like all our recommended seed companies have taken the Safe Seed Pledge and they offer a really cool selection of seeds.  Many of our favorite variteties are here, along with a great selection of European veggies.  I found varieties from companies who have closed, I used to grow and loved in the 1980s here at John Scheepers.  They have been serving gardens since 1908.   They are geared more toward cooking so some of their variety descriptions will make your mouth water.

They do not have a huge selection, like Territorial, but what they have is often different and wonderful.  One new favorite is a tomato called Lynn’s Mahogany-Garnet, beautiful and yummy.  Another new favorite is their Orange Chiffon Chard, although it grows more yellow stems in our garden, the taste is so smooth and wonderful we don’t care what color the ribs are. If you want to find some varieties not offered in most of the other organic seed catalogs, check these guys out, they is worth it.

Catalog Pros:

  • Nice selection of standard favorites, loved older varieties and new ones.
  • Good descriptions on each variety
  • Excellent seed count for the price
  • Recipes

Catalog Cons:

  • No photos, but some beautiful drawings that give the catalog a bit of old fashioned feel
  • Minimal  how to grow advise

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