Foundations of Organic Gardening Info Series – Start with the Soil

Garden with carrots, beets, sunflowers, peppers, tomatoes and pole beans
Sunny Summer Organic Garden

The literal foundation of your organic garden is healthy living soil that supports billions of organisms who live synergistically. They create an environment that grows healthy plants for you.

But just as there are loads of creatures in healthy living soil, there are other aspects that make a thriving garden. Each post in this series will focus on one Foundational aspect of organic gardening. If you are interested in more, consider taking our Foundations of Organic Garden Course

So how do you build healthy living soil ? From the top down. What does that mean ? On top of the ground, you add carbon rich stuff, like paper and cardboard, as well as leaves and mulch that will decompose into black dirt.

Also add compost and rock dust. All this can be mixed into the native soil and you are on your way ! The compost adds a variety of nutrients and the rock dust re-mineralizes the soil.

Check back each week in July for an Organic Garden Foundation info post.

Happy Gardening !

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