3 Garden Planning Factors – Foundations of Organic Gardening Info Series

There are many factors to consider when planning your garden, but here are three basic ones to get your started:

Garden beds on contour
Also consider your slope and build plan to use the contour of your property.

1. What do you like to eat. If you grow something you like to eat, and want to eat, you’ll be more motivated to take care of it, which translates into a more successful garden

2. How much space do you want to use. I tell people to start small even if you want to transform your entire property into food production. If so, do a whole property design, but then prioritize what order you want to create each area in. You can have it all, but take it a chunk at a time

3. How much light do you have in the space you want to use. Really knowing how much light you have in each area is critical to successful garden design, especially if you want sun loving plants like tomatoes and berry bushes for example. Cool weather crops that like shade in summer are easier because you have more options if you have shady areas. Knowing how much sun you have in each area of your space allows you to be more successful and not waste time trying to grow something that needs at least 6 hours of sun in a place that doesn’t get over 3 hours. Be realistic and grow what you can be successful growing, your rewards will be greater.

Want more ? Our  Foundations of Organic Garden Course   is packed with workshops and worksheets to help you.

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